Checking broadband speed and mobile phone coverage

Have you checked the internet speed for the house you plan to buy?

Checking broadband speed and mobile phone signal for a property.

Checking the broadband speed for a property

You’ve found a house in the perfect location …. far enough from town to be away from it all but still near enough to get there quickly for the things you need.  It’s in the catchment area for your preferred school and it doesn’t take too long to drive to the nearest motorway junction so getting to work will be a doddle.  At one time this would have been enough, but not in today’s world of mobile phone and internet usage.

Checking the mobile phone coverage for a property

Do you know how good the mobile phone coverage is likely to be in your new home?

It is obviously more convenient to be able to use your mobile phone in any room of your house, but don’t take this for granted.  How many people do you know who have to go outside into their garden to make a call?  Or have to perch on a window cill to be able to have a conversation on their mobile phone?  Some areas of the country still have poor mobile coverage.  It is far better to know in advance whether the house you plan to buy has either no coverage, intermittent coverage or only has mobile phone coverage by certain service providers. See below for ways to check the mobile phone coverage for a particular area.

Websites to check broadband speed and mobile phone coverage

There are a number of websites which allow you to check the predicated mobile phone coverage and average internet speeds.  In addition to those offered by individual services providers, you may wish to visit:

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